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About the Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve

Our Friends group consists of local residents who volunteer to help maintain and enhance the reserves along Scotchmans Creek and Valley Conservation Reserve. We have been doing this since 1999, working in co-operation with the Monash City Council and Melbourne Water.

One of our main activities is our revegetation program which we undertake in co-operation with the Monash City Council Horticultural Section. We also help maintain and improve Valley Conservation Reserve by holding a regular Work Party once a month.

We take a close interest in the health of the creek through our Waterwatch activities. We have a trained team who regularly assess water quality by chemical testing, catching, identifying and counting the ‘bugs’ and other creatures living in the creek, and monitoring the riparian vegetation. Our members keep a close watch on pollution and erosion problems and report these to the relevant authority – Council, Melbourne Water or EPA.

At our meetings with a guest speaker during the year, we invite expert speakers to make a presentation about various environmental subjects.

At times we have taken up environmental issues with the Monash City Council and have been instrumental in achieving good outcomes for the Monash community through the preservation of public open space and enhancing pathway access through the reserves.

We believe we have a good understanding of the role of this small urban creek as a habitat for native animals, in providing areas of native vegetation, as a recreation facility and as part of the stormwater drainage system. There are two constructed wetlands along Scotchmans Creek and we have quite detailed knowledge about their purpose, operation and problems.

Over recent years we have hosted a number of environmental excursions for classes of children from local schools. These have typically included activities focussing on water chemistry, water ‘bug’ examination, discussion of habitat, stormwater drainage and control, and litter/pollution issues.

Recently the status of Valley Reserve has changed. It is now a Conservation Reserve. In consultation with Monash Council we have created a Vision and Statement of Purpose which reflects the Reserve's new Role.

FSCVR Vision for Valley Conservation Reserve
We envisage Valley Conservation Reserve as a thriving, high-quality bushland with outstanding remnant areas, healthy waterways and a rich diversity of local indigenous flora and fauna. It is treasured by the community, providing a peaceful refuge from suburbia, opportunities for passive recreation, and a focus on events which educate and instil a connection with nature.

FSCVR Statement of Purpose for Valley Conservation Reserve
Valley Conservation Reserve exists primarily as a conservation bushland reserve with a focus on preserving and enhancing its remnant vegetation, of which there are few examples left in the City of Monash. It is utilised for conservation education, and to provide opportunities for schools and the community to experience bushland, and participate in passive recreational activities which encourage an appreciation of our natural environment and history

If you would like to know any more about any of our activities or, even better, join with us in some of them, please contact us.

Our contact information is here.

You can find our Policy on Donations here.

Have a look at our latest brochure here.


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