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Events and News

View details of our regular activities, information about our upcoming events and reports on past events and news by selecting the links below: 

Our Regular Activities

Valley Reserve
You could help us in our efforts to make the beautiful Valley Reserve even better. We’d love to see you at one of our work party sessions. These sessions are held on the last Saturday of each month except December and January. The entry to the reserve is from Waimarie Drive/Wills Avenue (Melways reference: 70:G2). We meet at the amenities block at 1:20 pm for a two-hour session.

The quality of the water and the type and number of ‘bugs’ living in the creek are important indicators of the health of Scotchmans Creek. We have a specially trained Waterwatch team which does monthly testing at a number of sites so we have long-term health measurements. If you are a student studying waterway health issues or just have an interest in water ‘bugs’ or chemistry, joining our team can provide valuable field experience.

Meetings with a Guest Speaker
We invite expert speakers to make a presentation about various environmental subjects at our Guest Speaker meetings. There are always new issues and things to learn, so you can keep yourself informed by coming along. We meet at Alvie Hall on the corner of High Street Road and Alvie Road, Mount Waverley (Melways reference: 61:D11). The meetings start at 7:30 pm.

School Activities
We can play host to your school students. Contact us to arrange a visit from our group to your school or to arrange an excursion. We can talk about Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve and the role that pupils can play in maintaining these wonderful areas. We can also explain about the storm water drainage system and how rubbish and pollution affect the environment. Or we can arrange a mini-Waterwatch session where your students can investigate the small creatures that live in the creek and learn about water chemistry.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, 29 July 2018 - National Tree Day Planting -

Come and join us in helping to plant over 8,000 plants in the Scotchmans Creek corridor on National Tree Day.

The Scouts will be cooking a great sausage sizzle.
All tools are provided, just bring gardening gloves and wear sturdy footwear and your gardening clothes.
Melbourne Water and their Community Grants Program will be providing the funding for the plants and will assist with the cost of the refreshments. The City of Monash Bushland & Wetland Maintenance crew will be on-hand to help.

Date: Sunday 29 July, 2018
Time: From 9.00 am until about 1 pm
Where: Park at the end of Fairway Avenue, Mount Waverley, near the scouts halls for registration - Mel. Ref. 70:E5


Wednesday, 15th August 2018 - Guest Speaker - James Paterson - Floods and Drains -

James works for the Monash Council and will be able to explain how Council is managing the storm water system in Monash to help to avoid floods with heavy rain falls. New types of gutters and drains are being installed and we will be interested to hear how well they are performing.

Chat to us over a light supper after the presentation.

Date: Wednesday, 15th August 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Where: Alvie Hall - 314 High Street Road, Mount Waverley - Mel. Ref. 61:D11


2018 - Valley Reserve Work Parties -

The Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve holds regular work parties in the Valley Reserve, Mt. Waverley, throughout the year.
The dates are the last Saturday of every month and the time is 1:20-3:30 pm. The meeting place is the area behind the amenities block. Entry to the Reserve is via Waimarie Drive or Wills Avenue, Mt. Waverley - Melways Reference 70G2. Please be at the meeting place at 1:20pm. If you are late, there will be a map on the door showing where we are working that day. The work includes planting, weeding, maintenance and revegetation.

For 2018 the work party dates are:
24 February
31 March
28 April
26 May
30 June - including planting the left over plants from the Friends planting on the 17th
28 July
25 August
29 September
27 October
24 November

If you enjoy gardening perhaps you would like to join us. We are always pleased to see new faces. For further information you could contact Sally Walker on 0477 006 774 or Monash Council on 03 9518 3723.
Work parties are not held on days of 30 deg. or more, or on days of total fire ban.
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Past Events and News

Sunday, 17 June & Saturday, 30 June 2018 - Planting Days in Valley Reserve -

A Special Friends planting in Valley Reserve.
As we did last year, we have purchased some plants with Friends Group funds to add more flowering plants to the area to the west of the amenities block in Valley Reserve.
Despite the rain the day before and the fact that it was raining in the morning, eight dedicated members of our group turned up to plant. Andy from the bush crew had laid out about 500 plants which we put into the ground in just over an hour. The recent rains had softened the soil which made digging holes much easier.

As we had purchased 800 plants we planted the remainder at our work party session on Saturday 30th June. Again we had rain in the morning but it had cleared up before the afternoon's session.

Look out for the list of plant species that were planted. This will be provided here as soon as the list is available.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - Guest Speaker - Dasarath Jayasuriya - Floods and Droughts -

Dasarath is employed at the Bureau of Meteorology and gave us an excellent presentation on how climate change and variability affect the availability of water. This in turn impacts on ecological sustainability.
We were shown how the compounding effect of hot and dry conditions on land can produce higher temperatures in the surrounding sea water which results in increased moisture in the air and more significant rain events on land.
We were also shown many graphs showing how temperatures have been changing over time. I am sure that this presentation has given us much food for thought.


Wednesday, 21 March 2018 - Guest Speaker - Fungi in Valley Reserve - Peter Uhlherr -

Peter has been photographing the fungi in Valley Reserve for many years. He gave us a very informative presentation explaining the different types of fungi he has found. By comparing photos of different species he showed us the various colours and textures they have.
We were very pleased with the excellent attendance at the meeting.

Monday, 19 March 2018 - PALS event - Exploring Scotchmans Creek and the Mount Waverley Wetlands -

The Friends group hosted a 5 km walk through Valley Reserve and through the Mount Waverley Wetlands for our senior citizens. The seven attendees enjoyed the fine weather and the friendly chat as the Friends answered questions as we walked along.

Sunday, 4 March, 2018 - Clean Up Australia Day -

We had a fine, cool day for Clean Up Australia and our efforts to remove litter from the Scotchmans Creek Reserve. 12 volunteers gave us a hand and we collected 14 bags of rubbish.
The small foot bridge over the creek near Regent Street was unavailable as it has been removed prior to replacement. This made trekking back from the wetlands rather longer and more tiring.
We found the usual take away food wrappers, a small number of drink containers and lots of bits of plastic. including several drink straws. We also found over a dozen tennis balls and a small cache of wine bottles - empty ones.

Getting rid of the rubbish that finds its way into the Scotchmans Creek reserves is a great way to make them better for everyone.

Have a look at the photogallery to see the bags of rubbish and some of the volunteers.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who came along to help us Clean up Australia.
Saturday 27 January 2018 - Annual BBQ in Valley Reserve - CANCELLED -

Unfortunately we were unable to hold our annual barbecue due to a forecast temperature of 39 degrees.

On the actual day, the temperature was about 35 degrees but still very hot. We are considering other options for our barbecue as it is getting more difficult to get a suitable shady area in Valley Reserve.

Friday 27th October, 2017 - PALS Seniors Festival - Learn about the flowers and animals of Valley Reserve -

More than 20 seniors joined the volunteers from the Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve as they gave a guided bushwalk around the reserve while showing off the many flowering plants and talking about the animals and birds that live in the Reserve.
After the walk there was a pictorial quiz with prizes of Brachscome Daisies for the three participants who gave the best answers.

The City of Monash provided a light lunch.
Wednesday 18th October 2016 - Annual General Meeting and Guest Speaker -

Guest Speaker - Rob Mineo From Monash City Council - Trees in Monash -

Rob gave us an excellent presentation which started with an explanation of how trees and their root systems grow.

He explained how arborists assessed trees and determined the health of trees and how they can and cannot be pruned.

Annual General Meeting -

The normal business of the 19th Annual General Meeting was then conducted. This covered the President’s, Waterwatch and Treasurer’s reports and the election of the Committee.

The President, Alan Moore, summarised the group’s achievements for the year which included the regular Valley Reserve work party, planting projects, community events and events with local schools. The Waterwatch coordinator, Fred Bullock, reviewed the team’s work for the year making some observations about the health of Scotchmans Creek and the Treasurer’s Report was presented and accepted.

The election of the Committee resulted in the following:
President:Tony Walker
Vice President:Alan Moore
Secretary:Sally Walker
Treasurer:Fred Bullock
Ordinary Committee:Nira Jayasuriya
Ordinary Committee:Carlie Dann

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For further information about any of these events, please contact Tony Walker, Sally Walker or any member of the committee


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