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Events and News

View details of our regular activities, information about our upcoming events and reports on past events and news by selecting the links below: 

Our Regular Activities

Valley Reserve
You could help us in our efforts to make the beautiful Valley Reserve even better. We’d love to see you at one of our work party sessions. These sessions are held on the last Saturday of each month except December and January. The entry to the reserve is from Waimarie Drive/Wills Avenue (Melways reference: 70:G2). We meet at the amenities block at 1:20 pm for a two-hour session.

The quality of the water and the type and number of ‘bugs’ living in the creek are important indicators of the health of Scotchmans Creek. We have a specially trained Waterwatch team which does monthly testing at a number of sites so we have long-term health measurements. If you are a student studying waterway health issues or just have an interest in water ‘bugs’ or chemistry, joining our team can provide valuable field experience.

Meetings with a Guest Speaker
We invite expert speakers to make a presentation about various environmental subjects at our Guest Speaker meetings. There are always new issues and things to learn, so you can keep yourself informed by coming along. We meet at Alvie Hall on the corner of High Street Road and Alvie Road, Mount Waverley (Melways reference: 61:D11). The meetings start at 7:30 pm.

School Activities
We can play host to your school students. Contact us to arrange a visit from our group to your school or to arrange an excursion. We can talk about Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve and the role that pupils can play in maintaining these wonderful areas. We can also explain about the storm water drainage system and how rubbish and pollution affect the environment. Or we can arrange a mini-Waterwatch session where your students can investigate the small creatures that live in the creek and learn about water chemistry.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday 27 January 2018 - Annual BBQ in Valley Reserve - CANCELLED -

Due to a forecast temperature of 39 degrees we have decided to cancel the BBQ for this year.

39 degrees is too hot for a safe and comfortable barbecue.

2018 - Valley Reserve Work Parties -

The Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve holds regular work parties in the Valley Reserve, Mt. Waverley, throughout the year.
The dates are the last Saturday of every month and the time is 1:20-3:30 pm. The meeting place is the area behind the amenities block. Entry to the Reserve is via Waimarie Drive or Wills Avenue, Mt. Waverley - Melways Reference 70G2. Please be at the meeting place at 1:20pm. If you are late, there will be a map on the door showing where we are working that day. The work includes planting, weeding, maintenance and revegetation.

For 2018 the work party dates are:
24 February
31 March
28 April
26 May
30 June
28 July
25 August
29 September
27 October
24 November

If you enjoy gardening perhaps you would like to join us. We are always pleased to see new faces. For further information you could contact Sally Walker on 0477 006 774 or Monash Council on 03 9518 3723.
Work parties are not held on days of 30 deg. or more, or on days of total fire ban.
Sunday, 4 March, 2018 - Clean Up Australia Day -

Come and help the Friends clean up Scotchmans Creek on Clean Up Australia Day.
Register with us at the Regent Street Playground (Melways 70:G3) on Sunday 4th March. We will be there from 9:30am to 12 noon.

Just wear old clothes and sturdy shoes. Don't forget your sunhat and sun screen if it is a sunny day. A limited supply of gloves will be available.
Getting rid of the rubbish that finds its way into the Scotchmans Creek reserves is a great way to make them better for everyone.
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Past Events and News

Friday 27th October, 2017 - PALS Seniors Festival - Learn about the flowers and animals of Valley Reserve -

More than 20 seniors joined the volunteers from the Friends of Scotchmans Creek and Valley Reserve as they gave a guided bushwalk around the reserve while showing off the many flowering plants and talking about the animals and birds that live in the Reserve.
After the walk there was a pictorial quiz with prizes of Brachscome Daisies for the three participants who gave the best answers.

The City of Monash provided a light lunch.
Wednesday 18th October 2016 - Annual General Meeting and Guest Speaker -

Guest Speaker - Rob Mineo From Monash City Council - Trees in Monash -

Rob gave us an excellent presentation which started with an explanation of how trees and their root systems grow.

He explained how arborists assessed trees and determined the health of trees and how they can and cannot be pruned.

Annual General Meeting -

The normal business of the 19th Annual General Meeting was then conducted. This covered the President’s, Waterwatch and Treasurer’s reports and the election of the Committee.

The President, Alan Moore, summarised the group’s achievements for the year which included the regular Valley Reserve work party, planting projects, community events and events with local schools. The Waterwatch coordinator, Fred Bullock, reviewed the team’s work for the year making some observations about the health of Scotchmans Creek and the Treasurer’s Report was presented and accepted.

The election of the Committee resulted in the following:
President:Tony Walker
Vice President:Alan Moore
Secretary:Sally Walker
Treasurer:Fred Bullock
Ordinary Committee:Nira Jayasuriya
Ordinary Committee:Carlie Dann

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 - Guest Speaker - Melbourne Water - Update -

Andrew Downing gave an excellent presentation on the recent works in the Mount Waverley Wetland and the new litter trap.
He explained the issues with the new litter trap and agreed that it was not working as well as expected.
He outlined several of the constraints with water flow in the wetlands and under Blackburn Road.
There is an expectation that more work will need to be done before all is working satisfactorily.

Sunday, 30 July 2017 - National Tree Day Planting -

The weather was fine and 126 volunteers came to plant over 8,000 plants in the Scotchmans Creek corridor on National Tree Day. Among the volunteers were 25 members of the Chinese Professionals Club of Australia. Have a look at the photogallery to see some of them hard at work. All the plants were in the ground by 1 pm. Thank you to everyone who came to help make this a very successfull morning of planting.

The Scouts provided a great sausage sizzle.
Melbourne Water and their Community Grants Program provided the funding for the plants. This year the Monash Councillors' Discretionary Fund have provided a grant to cover the costs of the BBQ.

Some of the 49 different species planted were:

Cut-leaf Daisy
Chocolate Lily
Bulbine Lily
Clustered Everlasting
Spiny-headed Mat-rush
Wallaby Grass
Kangaroo Grass
Austral Indigo
Wiry Buttons
Other grasses


Tuesday, 18 July 2017 - Extra Planting Day next to Regent Street -

We had a Special Friends planting in the land next to Regent Street where the willows have recently been removed. We had a great response to our plea for assistance from members and friends and we were delighted that Holmesglen Tafe were able to send an entire class of 13 students along to help.

We had 2,000 plants to help rehabilitate this area. We have purchased these plants with Melbourne Water grant funds. They were all put in the ground in very good time. They have been well watered in after the rain that fell in the afternoon and following day.

Some of the species planted were:

Cassinia longifolia - Shiny Cassinia
Coprosma quadrifida - Prickly Currant Bush
Daviesia leptophylla - Narrow-leaf Bitter-pea
Dodonea viscosa ssp. Spatulata - Wedge-Leaf Hop Bush
Hakea decurrens ssp. physocarpa - Bushy Needlewood
Hakea nodosa - Yellow Hakea
Kunzea leptospermoides - Burgan
Leptospermum continentale - (wet) - Prickly Tea-tree
Melaleuca ericifolia - Swamp Paperbark
Olearia lirata - Snowy Daisy-bush
Prostanthera lasianthos var. lasianthos - Victorian Christmas Bush
Stylidium armeria - Grass Trigger Plant
Microlaena stipoides - Weeping Grass
Poa morrisii - Velvet tussock-grass
Rytidosperma (mixed species) - Wallaby Grass
Themeda triandra - Kangaroo Grass
Arthropodium strictum - Chocolate Lily
Bulbine bulbosa - Bulbine Lily
Carex appressa - Tall Sedge
Gahnia radula - Thatch Saw-sedge
Gahnia sieberiana - Red-fruited Saw-sedge
Pteridium esculentum - Austral Bracken

A wonderful range of plants for this area where before we had difficuly establishing plants under the willows and we must thank the Monash bushland crew for all the preparation and the hard work in supervising such an eager group of workers.


Thursday, 13 July 2017 - Planting at Crosby Drive with Novotel -

The conservation group from the Novotel Hotel in Glen Waverley supported us again this year. Twelve of their staff joined us in planting 2000 tubestock on the south side of Scotchmans Creek east of Crosby Drive.
After a good morning's hard work, they rewarded themselves and us with a BBQ.

Our thanks go to Novotel for their continued support with our planting program. This was our first planting for 2017 with plants purchased with our Melbourne Water grant funds.

Some of the species planted were:

Brachyscome multifida - Cut-leaf Daisy
Coprosma quadrifida - Prickly Currant Bush
Hakea nodosa - Yellow Hakea
Microlaena stipoides - Weeping Grass
Poa labillardierei - Common Tussock-grass
Poa morrisii - Velvet tussock-grass
Rytidosperma (mixed species) - Wallaby Grass
Themeda triandra - Kangaroo Grass
Bulbine bulbosa - Bulbine Lily
Dianella longifolia - Pale Flax-lily
Carex Appressa - Tall Sedge
Carex inversa - Knob Sedge

An excellent range of plants for the creek and we must thank the Monash bushland crew for all the preparation and the hard work in supervising such an eager group of workers.


Sunday, 2 July, 2017 - Planting Day in Valley Reserve -

A Friends planting in Valley Reserve.
As we did last year we decided to purchase some plants with Friends Group funds to add more flowering plants to the area to the west of the amenities block in Valley Reserve.

A group of 12 volunteers aided by Darren from the Bush Crew planted 800 plants on a cold, calm, sunny morning.
After the recent rains the ground was soft and digging the holes for the plants was easy.

We planted a range of mainly flowering plants on the south side of the path to provide an attractive flower display in Spring:

Some of the species planted were:

Acacia genistifolia - Spreading Wattle
Acaena novae-zealandiae - Bidgee-widgee
Arthropodium strictum - Chocolate Lily
Billardiera scandens - Velvet Apple-berry
Brachyscome multifida - Cut-leaf Daisy
Convolvulus angustissimus - Australian Bindweed
Correa reflexa - Native Fuchsia
Dianella longifolia - Flax Lily
Dianella revoluta - Spreading Flax-lily
Hakea decurrens - Bushy Needlewood
Hardenbergia violacea - Purple Coral Pea
Leptorhynchos tenuifolius - Wiry Buttons
Pimelea humilis - Common Rice-flower
Pultenaea gunnii - Golden Bush-pea

Have a look at the photogallery for some photos from the planting.

Our thanks to everyone who came along to help.

Thursday, 18 May 2017 - Guest Speaker - Trish McGee, the Sustainability Coordinator from the City of Monash - How can we Reach a Sustainable Monash -

Trish took us through the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016-26 and spoke in general about her role at Council. Questions from the floor showed a keen interest in Council's progress in this area.

You can access this Strategy document from the Council's web site:
under Home / About Us / Council & Councillors / Publications / Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 - Opening of the Ted Mason Education Hub in Valley Reserve -

A group of Ted Mason's family, Friends and the Monash mayor, Rebecca Paterson assembled in the afternoon to attend the official opening of the Ted Mason Education Hub.
The mayor gave a short speech outlining the many reasons behind this dedication.
Ted's son spoke briefly as did Alan Moore, our President.

The Education Hub is an excellent resource both for the Friends when we entertain school groups and for the passing public.

Have a look at the photogallery for some pictures from the ceremony.


Thursday, 16 March 2017 - Guest Speaker - State Emergency Service - Monash Unit -

If you wanted to hear all about the SES - what they do, how they can help, and how you can prepare for emergencies then you shoud have attended this meeting.
Jacque Quaine gave us a very comprehensive and informative presentation.
She also gave us a slide show of their activities which we watched as we had our supper.


Sunday, 5 March, 2017 - Clean Up Australia Day -

Despite the early drizzle, a total of 32 volunteers came along to help us Clean Up Australia. Twelve scouts and their leaders from a local Scout group came back from Valley Reesrve with loaded bags.
The wetlands are partially roped off due to earth works but we were able to collect some rubbish that had been brought down by the overflowing water and caught in the vegetation.
We found the usual take away food wrappers, a small number of drink containers and lots of bits of plastic. including several drink straws.

At the end of the morning we had collected 16 bags of rubbish.
Getting rid of the rubbish that finds its way into the Scotchmans Creek reserves is a great way to make them better for everyone.

Have a look at the photogallery to see the bags of rubbish and some of the volunteers.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who came along to help us Clean up Australia.
Saturday 28 January 2017 - Annual BBQ in Valley Reserve -

We had a most sucessful Annual Barbeque as we got together to celebrate our last year's activities.

Very pleasant weather encouraged an excellent attendance and a good time was had by all.

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For further information about any of these events, please contact Tony Walker, Sally Walker or any member of the committee


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